How accurate is this calculator?

This calculator was built based on real calculators used my reputable banks and mortgage brokers in New Zealand, and as such is a version of the real thing, with results that match those of most major banks and brokers.

Who should be using this calculator?

The calculator is most suited to first home buyers or people looking to buy a new home.

If the calculator says I pass, does that mean my mortgage is approved?

Not exactly. This calculator was built as a guideline to help you establish whether or not you could qualify for a loan that’s big enough to get you that dream house, but it does not constitute a mortgage approval. If you’d like to start off the process of applying for a mortgage, you can contact us, we’d be more than happy to help.

Aren’t apartments a special case?

In terms of affordability (ie what this calculator gives you) – no.

In terms of your deposit – yes. You’ll need at least a 15% if not 20% deposit for an apartment. Shoebox and leasehold apartments need even more.

Can I include income from additional sources like bonuses, commissions, WINZ benefits, rental properties or flatmates?

Yes you can, but that will be something you need to include as a comment when you get in touch with us.

These additional income streams were purposely left out of the calculator as banks and lenders view them quite differently, and we wanted to provide you with a simple, easy to use tool that doesn’t require you to be a trained financial advisor or mortgage broker to work out.

The calculator says my numbers look good! What do I do next?

Phone or email us. It’s time to work on getting formal finance approval so you can hit the open home circuit with confidence.


This calculator will give you genuine information but it’s no substitute for qualified advice, and is intended as a guide. No matter how tempting it might be, please don’t commit to a financial transaction based on the information you receive from this calculator. Talk to someone knowledgeable first even if that’s not us.

What Our Clients Say

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