How to sell your home faster

by Ewald Biesenbach

How to sell your home faster

What makes a home sell faster?

How long a property takes to sell is usually a good indicator of market trends. In a seller’s market, homes tend to sell faster because there are more buyers than sellers, often resulting in a bidding war as buyers try to outbid each other. In a buyer’s market, there are more houses for sale so buyers tend to have the upper-hand. Buyers have more choice and can afford to be a little picky, taking their time to find the perfect property.

Pricing it right

Pricing your property to sell means finding a price that’s in tune with the market; a figure that both seller and buyer believe reflects the home’s value. It’s easy to be tempted into setting your asking price far above or below market value, particularly if you need a quick sale. Do your research on house sales in your area and talk to your real estate professional whose knowledge of the market will help you determine the right price to sell your home faster.

Maximise visibility by marketing

When marketing your home, you want to gain as much exposure in the market as you can. More exposure means putting your home in front of a much bigger pool of potential buyers, which could result in multiple offers.

Utilise the marketing tools offered by your real estate agent to ensure maximum visibility of your property – these could include flyers and pamphlet drops, listings across multiple online real estate websites, professional photographs and virtual tours, spreading the word via social media like Facebook and Twitter, and taking out ads in newspapers or trade magazines.

Be show home ready 24/7

Making your home available for viewing without much notice could help you sell faster. Prepare your home for sale by decluttering and spring cleaning: Pack away personal items, tidy the garden, get those little DIY jobs done, make small improvements to your home that could have a big impact, and consider hiring a professional home staging company to really maximise your home’s potential. It makes sense that homes in tip-top shape, requiring little or no work tend to sell faster.

Sweeten the pot

Struggling to sell because you’re competing against similarly priced homes with similar features? Sometimes offering incentives or perks can entice more buyers or help speed up a sale. Talk to your real estate agent about your home selling strategy and think outside-the-box for creative incentives that could help you sell your home faster.

Sort out your finances

Buying a new home can be a stressful process, particularly if you’re selling your existing home at the same time. Often time pressure plays a part, forcing you to make decisions on the fly. Get in touch with Best Mortgages to review your financial situation and ensure you get the best home loan or bridging finance to suit your needs.


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